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Supply of chicken of autoctonous

Supply of one-day old chicks of autochthonous breeds of laying hens

One of the objectives of the conservation program at El Encín in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid is the dissemination of the 12 autochthonous breeds of laying hens and promote their use in sustainable production systems. Therefore, the service includes the supply of day-old chicks of local breeds that can be used for production and breeding purposes.


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Since 1975, the conservation program of autochthonous breeds of laying hens at El Encín keeps traditional Spanish breeds that have been replaced by high producing hybrids in commercial production systems. The unique collection of Spanish breeds promotes farm animal biodiversity. Research that has been carried out on these breeds includes:

  • sexing of day-old chicks,
  • egg quality,
  • control of stress resistance using animal welfare indicators.

The service includes:

  • advice on breeding, management, and selection of different breeds,
  • supply of day-old chicks to private breeders and breed associations.
This service is created to cover the need and demand from poultry farmers to obtain local breeds of laying hens alternative to commercial lines. To obtain chicks, those interested can send an e-mail (
The following information must be indicated in the request:
  • Name and surname
  • Email
  • Contact telephone number
  • Number of batches (15 chicks per batch) and breeds requested

The chicks provided meet the breed’s phenotypic standards, and appear healthy and without defects.


  • Chick delivery: chicks are hatched between March and May, coinciding with the incubation periods at the farm
  • Applications: the deadline for receiving applications is from November to March, exclusively through e-mail. Requests outside this period will be transferred to the following year.
  • Number of chicks per request: each request may be supplied with a minimum of 1 batch (15 chicks) and a maximum of 7 batches (105 chicks).
  • Price per batch varies per year and is published in the CSIC Services Catalog.
  • Payment method: payment it is made by bank transfer to the account number that will be provided by email.
  • Collection of chicks: the collection date will be provided by email. Chicks need to be collected between 10 AM to 1 PM directly at the facilities of the El Encín Poultry Farm, Alcalá de Henares (km 38 A2). Proof of payment is required.

Frequent questions

How many chicks can be requested?

You can only place one order per campaign, and between one (15 chicks) and seven batches (105 chicks) per order.

Can I request males and/or females?

No. The chicks supplied are not sexed.

Are orders delivered to your home?

No. Chicks need to be collected exclusively at the facilities of El Encín Poultry Farm in Alcalá de Henares (Exit km 38 Ctra. A2).

When can I pick up the chicks?

An email will be sent indicating the exact date and time (between 10 AM to 1 PM only) to pick up your chicks. Punctuality is requested as more orders are processed on the same day.

Can someone go on my behalf to pick up the chicks?

Yes, as long as they present proof of payment.

Can I choose the breeds?

In the request email (or application), you can indicate the breeds requested, but upon delivery we can only ensure the number of chicks, not the breed, as this will depend on the availability of chicks born per breed.

Which breeds are available?

The autochthonous breeds available at El Encín Conservation Program are included in the catalog.

Can I place orders over the phone?

No. Orders can only be placed through the e-mail.

Are chicks supplied all year round?

No. Chick only hatch on a certain day corresponding to the farm's incubation period. This is why each applicant is individually informed about the exact date and time of collection by email.

Are the chicks supplied vaccinated?

No. The chicks are not vaccinated.

Ask for more information

To request more information, send an email to the following address:

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