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Supply ofchicken of autoctonous  breeds specimens

One of the goals of the current conservation program is the spreading of its 12 chicken breeds in order to promote their use in more sustainable productive systems. With such aim the supply of one-day old chicks was established: to breed autochthonous Spanish chickens.


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Since it started in 1975, the current Spanish chicken breeds conservation program had the objective of conserving the traditional chicken breeds which were replaced by more productive commercial hybrids. On those breeds, the following studies have been carried out:

  •  genetic sexing of one-day chicks,
  • quality of eggs,
  • evaluation of stress resistance throughout welfare indicators.

Program has accomplished to keep a unique collection of Spanish breeds which has been recognized as a way to enhance biodiversity.

A very important part of the program is:

  • to assess on breeding, handling and selection of the different breds supply of one-day old chicks to private farmers and chicken breeds Associations.
This service is generated as a result of the existent need and farmer’s demand to get chicken breeds as an alternative to the commercial ones, as it is not easy for them to get autochthonous Spanish chicks.
To get chicks of these races, people interested should send a request to the contact e-mail indicating:
  • Name
  • Mail address
  •  DNI
  • Telephone number to contact
  • Number of requested chicks and races

The chicks we supply:

  • Meet the phenotypic standards for each of the races, 
  • We just select healthy chicks with no defects, 
  • Chicks are the exceeding part of the three hatchings carried out at our farm to replenish the parents of the following season.

Chick price is yearly published at the B.O.E​.


  • Chick supply campaign: Between April and June. It matches the hatching periods carried out at our farm.
  • Application period: Only by e-mail, from November to March. Requests out of that period will be attended along the following campaign.
  • Number of chicks per request: a25-100 among all breeds. Total number of requested chicks is guaranteed, but not its distribution by race (although faithful fulfilment of the request will be tried)​.
  • Chick price: It is yearly published at the B.O.E. Currently, this price is 1.40 € (VAT included) and it might vary in the future.
  • PaymentThrough out bank transfer to a bank account which will be noticed (always by e-mail) when the exact date for the collection of the order is notified.
  • Chick collection: From 10 - 13 h at out farm facilities El Encín, Alcalá de Henares (km 38 A2) showing the correspondent bank transfer receipt.​

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many chicks by request can be ordered??

Between 25 and 100 chicks per request and just one request per campaign.

Can I request male and females?

The chicks supplied are not sexed.

Is there a possibility for delivery?

No. Chicks are collected at our farm El Encín, Alcalá de Henares (km 38 A2).

When I can collect the chicks order?

You will receive an e-mail indicating exact date and time for the collection (just along mornings). We appreciate to be punctual as several orders are handled in the same date.

Can someone on my behalf collect the chicks?

Yes (if showing the correspondent bank transfer receipt).

Can I choose the races?

You can indicate the breeds you want in your e-mail request. However, we can only guarantee the number of requested chicks, not the races, as it will depend on the precise availability at the birth day.

Which races are available?

All breeds included in the Spanish chicken breeds conservation program included in the catalogue attached to this page.

Can I place my order by phone?

No. Just by e-mail as indicated.

Are chicks supplied at any moment of the year?

No. Just in a specific date during the hatchings period at out farm. That’s why each requestor will be individually communicated about the exact time and date for the collection of the chicks.

Have been vaccinated the chicks supplied?

No. The chicks have not been vaccinated.

Can I pay my order at the moment of collection?

No. The only payment procedure is through bank transfer. And the transfer receipt is requested to proceed with the collection.

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