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Omic techniques for the genetic improvement of ruminant species​​​

Omic techniques for the genetic improvement of ruminant species​​​

​Our research focuses on the genetic background of traits of interest through the use of –omic techniques such as genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and metagenomics to improve the selection schemes in cattle, sheep and goats

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​​Animal Breeding Department

​​The genetic improvement of livestock species has led to an outstanding genetic progress in domestic populations during decades. These advances has very much relied on the incorporation of innovations from different research areas (optimization of the methods for prediction of the genetic value, best management of genetic variability and optimal design of breeding schemes). The intense selection intensity, often oriented to improve productivity, has led in an impaired functionality in some populations. Besides, the climate change as well as the environmental degradation generated by advanced societies have introduced new elements of uncertainty in the production systems that impose pursuing new breeding objectives. The advances in the development of affordable platforms for genomic analysis during the last decades as well as precision farming have facilitated the inclusion of these innovations in current selection schemes.

​​Our research group is mainly focused in the use of the new –omic techniques and novel phenotypes to determine the genomic variants and regions associated with traits that directly affect animal welfare and productivity, resilience and sustainability of livestock production systems as food security is warranted.

​​Our research outcome will allow a more accurate selection of breeding animals and boost the genetic progress in the desired direction for both economic and environmental sustainability of ruminant farming.

  • Genetic improvement of productive and functional traits associated with ruminant farming sustainability, with emphasis on adaptation and mitigation related with climate change, considering the concept of global resilience to abiotic challenges, linked to animal welfare
  • ​​​​​ Genomic Selection
  • Genetics of health and disease resistance (one health)
  • Host genetic control over the microbiome composition
  • Guidance and assistance of selection schemes in ruminant species


Omic techniques for the genetic improvement of ruminant species​​​ Members

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